Project List

Randall Solutions Group provides expertise and professional services throughout the entire project from concept to implementation, user training and maintenance.

Below is a list of solutions developed for a few of our clients. These solutions represent a sampling of Randall Solutions Group's portfolio.

United States Federal Government Agency

  • Performed systems analysis and designed application to supplement a PeopleSoft HR ERP implementation. Architecture includes MS Access and Oracle database, with Visual Basic, Cold Fusion and Active Server Page intranet capability. System was developed using standard lifecycle design created for Agency and gathers data from worldwide posts and calculates pay schedules for Agency employees.
  • Created ASP interface to allow users to enter information about worldwide posts and job openings at these posts. System allows the user to upload files for browsing on Intranet through ASP front-end connecting to SQL Server back-end. Reporting on statistics using Crystal Reports Active-X Viewer.
  • Responsible for gathering and analyzing requirements for a new Agency Criminal Incident Reporting System. Developed a software and hardware configuration, which incorporated all factors from the mean time between failures for user access to the system. Merged multiple database systems into one master database structure, which is able to interface with multiple external systems. Designed web based graphical user interface prototypes and a risk database for the client's new system. System was designed using Oracle back-end and a Cold Fusion front-end.

University Medical Hospital System

  • Created client-server database to trace and match organ transplant patients with donors. System uses UNOS transplant matching rules to determine suitable organs for patients.
  • Developed client-server application for Department of Neurosurgery to track patients from diagnosis through surgery and recovery.
  • Designed database to log spectator injuries occurring at nearby stadium. System generates end of season reports to analyze and improve safety standards.

Technical Consulting Firm

  • Developed multiple web-based systems including trouble ticket and change log, training videos and mailing list registration data using ASP.NET, VB.NET and SQL Server. Systems utilize advanced security and search functionality allowing users to view, search, and manipulate data online.
  • Also created multiple client-server applications

Non-Profit Member Organization

  • Implemented client-server application to replace existing database. System increased staff productivity over 50% and reduced operational costs by 30%.
  • Interfaced client-server system with new web based registration to import, process and report on registrants and later created real-time link to share data between multiple systems.

Non-Profit Educational Organization

  • Converted existing ASP search functionality into client-server database on CD-ROM for worldwide distribution.

Member-Owned Electric Cooperative

  • Designed and implemented client-server marketing database to replace multiple client developed systems. New application reduced in-house development costs by 70% and significantly increased staff productivity.

International Non-Profit Organization

  • Develoepd client-server database and web interface for searching and viewing documents on Internet.

Technical Consulting Firm

  • Programmed mail merge e-mail system to allow merging names, addresses and other data into an individually addressed e-mail message. Benefits include reduced mail handling by staff, reduction of postage costs and improved communication with members. Currently in use by numerous clients in various industries.

International Telecommunication Company

  • Designed enterprise proposal order provisioning system using client-server and web based technologies. Database tracks order through complete life cycle.
  • Developed system to export legacy data on scheduled basis to new relational database for reporting purposes.

Medical Testing Company

  • Developed system to process drug test results and e-mail results to clients utilizing MS Visual Basic and MS Mail Server.
  • Also created MS Visual Basic telephony system to inform clients of drug test results.
  • Systems were on the cutting edge of technology at the time using unprecedented functionality.

Educational Non-Profit Organization

  • Designed database to track information on deceased law enforcement officers and their survivors using client-server framework. System generates files used to engrave names on memorial. Memorial has multiple sections of varying lengths and system determines best placement for 200-300 new names per year. Advanced calculations include ability to place multiple officers a specified number of sections from each other.